Tokyo Dome City is an extensive entertainment city located in the heart of Tokyo.Consisting of Tokyo Dome, a sports mecca; a newly built Meets Port; LaQua, a spa complex; and an amusement park with a variety of attractions and facilities,it offers various forms of entertainment and amusement.There’s something for everyone, so come and enjoy your time at Tokyo Dome City!

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome, the symbol of Tokyo Dome City, is an all-weather multipurpose stadium where a variety of events are being staged throughout the year, including baseball games, domestic and international sporting events, exhibitions and concerts. As the baseball stadium, it is a home to the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, and a venue for a number of major events in the history of professional baseball in Japan. Exibitions, concerts and other entertainment events draw large crowd.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is a general entertainment and amusement park facility located within Tokyo Dome City. No admission is charged to enter Tokyo Dome City Attractions featuring a variety of exciting attractions for both children and adults alike.


LaQua is one of the largest natural hot spring spa complex in Tokyo. The hot spring originates from 1,700 meters below ground. The complex houses speciality shops, high-end grocery stores and restaurants, many with inventive designs, as well as attractions such as the “Big O”, the world’s first centerless Ferris wheel, and the roller coaster “Thunder Dolphin”. Come and relieve your daily stress and get refreshed at LaQua, the oasis of relaxation in the heart of Tokyo!

Tokyo Dome Hotel

Tokyo Dome Hotel stands adjacent to Tokyo Dome and LaQua in the Tokyo Dome City. The hotel is conveniently located within few minutes away from Suidobashi and Korakuen stations giving access to one JR railway and four subway lines: JR Sobu Line, Mita Line, Marunouchi Line, Namboku Line and Oedo Line. It is an ideal base for business and pleasure alike.


Tokyo Dome City has over fifty restaurants, cafes, and bars offering food in a wide range of styles from Western and Japanese to Chinese and Asian fusion. You’re guaranteed to find something that suits your tastes.


Tokyo Dome City has a total of over seventy shops in LaQua and other areas of the complex, which offer everything from fashion and general merchandise to baseball goods and souvenirs.


MEETS PORT is an integrated facility built around Tokyo Dome City Hall, the multi-purpose event hall. It is the high quality entertainment space provided with Hall + Dinning + Garden.

Other Amusement Facilities

There are many amusement facilities in Tokyo Dome City, such as Tokyo Dome Bowling Center, Tokyo Dome Roller Skate Arena, ASOBono! (indoor play gound for kids), SPO-DORI! (baseball, golf, bouldering), and TeNQ (space museum).

Event Hall Information

Tokyo Dome City has a variety of multi-purpose halls which can be used for various events including Korakuen Hall, a famous venue for martial arts; Tokyo Dome City Hall (JCB Hall,) which is mainly used for concerts; Prism Hall; and the Theatre G-Rosso.

Hero Action Show

Tokyo Dome City's signature event, the Hero Action Show has been delighting audiences since 1971.See your favorite heroes from TV live in action! For kids of all ages.