Tokyo Dome
[images]Tokyo Dome

Architectural Features

General Name Tokyo Dome
Location 3,Koraku 1-Chome,Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Owner Tokyo Dome Corporation
Opening Day March 17,1988
Facilities Capacity Area
Site 112,456 sq m (1.21 x 106 sq ft)
Building 46,755 sq m (503,267 sq ft)
Field 13,000 sq m (139,931 sq ft)
Right, Left 100 m (328.1 ft)
Center 122 m(400.3 ft)
Capacity 1,240,000 cubic m (4.378x107 cubic ft)
Number of Floors 2 basements, 6 elevated
Maximum Height 56.190 m above ground leve l
Height above Playing Field 61.690m
Capacity 55,000 persons
Roof Structure The Tokyo Dome is an air-supported dome.
Air is constantly blown into the dome by a pressure fan, keeping the air pressure inside the dome some 0.3% higher than that outside, thus holding up its covering membrane.
This pressure difference is equivalent to that between the 1st and 9th floor of a building and is hardly detectable by the human body.
Furthermore, in order to minimize the loss of air from inside the dome, revolving doors are used for all exits and entrances.