Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome is Japan’s first domed stadium, opened on the March 17,1988. Baseball games and various other events are held at the dome throughout the year



Tokyo Dome is the franchise stadium for the Yomiuri Giants, hosting More than 60 games yearly. It is also one of the leading stadiums in the world, having hosted Japanese-American baseball games, and the first MLB opening match held outside America (Mets vs Cubs) in the year 2000.

Other sports

[images]Other sports

Numerous international sports events, for example, NFL American Bowl, NBA and the World Heavyweight Title Match (Tyson vs. Tubbs) were held in the Dome.



Tokyo Dome is the biggest concert venue in Japan. Superstars like Madonna, Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys are just a few of those who have held their concerts in the dome so far.



Many international conventions like the Tableware Festival and the International Great Quilt Festival were held in the Tokyo Dome.