2012.2.4(sat)~2.12(sun)10:00AM~7:00PM(No admission after 6:00PM)

20th Anniversary Special Display Magnificent Monaco Grace Kelly and the Cote D'Azur
Special Displays
  • Tableware Loved by Royalty
  • Wine Parties Enhanced with Glass
  • Yamagata Story: Traditional Spirit and Forms—Yamagata Prefecture The Pride of Kagoshima: Practical and Beautiful Tableware—Kagoshima Prefecture

20th Anniversary Special Display
Magnificent Monaco: Grace Kelly and the Cote D'Azur
The glittering tableware of Manufacture de Monaco has been adored in Monaco since the foundation in 1972 of this elegant and luxurious brand that seems to symbolize Monaco itself. It was well loved by Grace Kelly, the former Princess of Monaco, and the passage of time has not altered its beauty.
sea life
Conceptual image
Yacht club
Special Sale
Since its foundation, Manufacture de Monaco has been adored in Monaco as tableware used by the royal family. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tableware Festival, we are offering for sale a globally limited edition of 300 sets (cup and saucer) with serial numbers of the Grace Kelly Cup Monaco, specially manufactured in Monaco.

[ Method of sale ]
The sets will be on sale exclusively at this special display.
・Special sale price: 17,000 yen (tax included) * Cash only.
・Limited sale of 25 sets a day (up to two per person)
・Customers cannot choose the serial number.
・On sale only at the venue during the period of the Festival.
Special Displays
Tableware Loved by Royalty
We present beautiful table settings featuring brands loved by the royalty of Europe, such as those designated "Royal" to indicate their use by the British royal family. While maintaining their historical traditions, the high-class design of these brands has undergone various reforms through the ages.
Royal Crown Derby
Royal Copenhagen
[ Brands on Display ]
Augarten, Aynsley, Nymphenburg, Royal Albert, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Copenhagen
Wine Parties Enhanced with Glass
We present glass products in settings that evoke both high quality and feelings of familiarity.
[ Brands on Display ]
Venetian Glass, Swarovski, Moser, Riedel, Nachtmann, Lobmeyr, IVV, Kimura Glass, Kitaichi Glass, Sugahara Glassworks, Hario Glass
IVV Sugahara Glassworks
[ Glass Sampling Corner ]
To demonstrate how glasses feel differently in the mouth according to the brand and manufacturing method, visitors can sample (for a charge) white wine, champagne, or sparking wine in a glass of their choice.
Yamagata Story: Traditional Spirit and Forms—Yamagata Prefecture
We present the power of Yamagata craftsmanship cultivated by tradition and handed down to the future.
Yamagata cast-metal tea set
The Pride of Kagoshima: Practical and Beautiful Tableware—Kagoshima Prefecture
Savor the beauty of practicality in Kagoshima tableware handed down through the generations.
Saneyuki Hirota: Satsuma Kinrande ornamental plate with a design of a hawk surrounded by seasonal flowers
Colorful Living Leading authorities in various fields present welcoming dining spaces that give color to everyday life through distinctive table settings.
Creating an Atmosphere with Table Settings

  • Koji Ishizaka (Actor)

  • Eiko Egami (Director of Egami Cooking School)

  • Naoko Ochiai (Total Life Coordinator)

  • Taki Kato (Coordinator)

  • Tae Kimura (Actress)

  • Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (Actress, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador)

  • Keiji Tagawa (Beaded Embroidery Designer)

  • Reiko Takenaka (Ikebana Creator, Space Producer)

  • Midori Tajitsu (Space Designer)

  • Hisako Manda (Actress)
“My Style” Selection  Suggestions from the artists

The Sublime Art of China Painting  OCPS J.P.P.A.
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An Invitation to Western Tableware
Sophisticated table settings from name-brand makers. Create your own unique dining environment from a range of the newest products and tableware series presented by these famous brands.
“The World of Noritake” Noritake
“Unsurpassed Hospitality—Savoring the Seasons” Okura Art China
“A Rich Table Colored by Raynaud and Spices” House Foods

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Getting Acquainted with Japanese Tableware
Encounter the beauty and craft of the Japanese tradition in a presentation of lacquer ware, earthenware and porcelains demonstrating how they are integrated into elegant and tasteful settings for the contemporary Japanese table.
Living with Lacquer Ware
One Hundred Donburi—A selection of Mino-yaki and Toki bowls
Unequalled Skill—Seto Oribe
Stylish Living, Colorful Tableware—Tajimi
Traditional Arita, Contemporary Arita, Splendid Arita—Arita-yaki
Relaxing with Japanese Tea and Sweets—Tokoname-yaki
Nagasaki Ware Living Studio—Hasami-yaki
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Special Stage Events and Arena Studio
Seminars by noted authorities on tableware and related subjects are scheduled daily throughout the Festival.
Seminars by noted authorities in various fields on tableware setting and related subjects are scheduled daily throughout the Festival.
【Special Stage Events】
Anne-Marie Masako de Portu, Michiko Ubukata, Eiko Egami, Naoko Ochiai, Toru Kawano, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Junji Koga, Tomoko Kanzaki, Keiko Sakaguchi, Kishiko Shiogai, Chieko Shimojo, Keiji Tagawa, Reiko Takenaka, Yukari Tanaka, Yukio Hattori
【Arena Studio】 Live table setting and various other demonstrations will be held every day.
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The 20th Tableware Grand Prix—Comfortable Dining Area Contest
This is the biggest tableware contest in Japan, with original design, coordination and special judges award divisions. Awards will include the Grand Prix/Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Award and the Tokyo Governor's Award. Many powerfully creative presentations by professionals and amateurs alike will be on display.
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Display and Sales Booths
Domestic and international ceramics and tableware will be displayed for sale, including Ikuo Hirayama plates specially made to commemorate this event.

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