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Coloful Living

Presenting dining spaces with table settings

Leading figures in diverse fields present welcoming dining spaces with their unique table settings to color our everyday lives.

  • Taki Kato
  • Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
  • Kay Yamada
  • Keiji Tagawa
  • Hideki Togi
  • Harumi  Hanafusa

  • Tomoyo Harada
  • Kimiko Yo

※In Japanese alphabetical order, titles omitted

My Style Selection ~Suggestions from the Artist~

Many creators will introduce products that have new, outstanding design or functionality. It will be open to reservations, for those who find something they especially want.

The Sublime Art of China Painting: Welcoming with painted dishes ~Okura Art China Painting School~

Preparations for welcoming a guest begin with thinking about the guest. The seat is prepared as you dwell the guest’s character, their favorite things, hobbies, music they listen to, and create an image. Welcoming someone with tableware that you’ve personally designed, and painted is the highest form of hospitality and welcome that anyone can offer. A table exhibition of such amazing skillful works of china painting will be on display for you to admire.


Invitation to Western Tableware

“Color your days with quality essence~Noritake~

We want to make beautiful, white, refined western tableware in Japan.
This was the desire that drove the founders to establish Noritake in 1904. Tableware that is a natural part of the everyday life. The comfort of living with beautiful things. We invite you to enjoy this quality essence is sure to bring color to your time.

“Unsurpassed Hospitality ~ Okura Art China ~

With “Unsurpassed Hospitality” as the theme, we present the opportunity to experience the force and grace of nature in the tableware by the unique method of Okura Touen.
Looking towards our 100th anniversary, we showcase the spirit of Japan’s unique aesthetic, and boldly take on the challenge of new designs under the company’s principle, “continue offering better quality.”

“House Foods Group: A Rich Table Colored by Raynaud and Spices

The theme of the exhibition is “IRISE Iris ~Enjoying the sensibility of French colors~”.
We will be presenting table settings that elevate the everyday into something special with the new lines from Raynaud, “Mineral Irise” and “Tresor Blue”.


Getting Acquainted with Japanese Tableware

Traditional Sensibilities and Modern Lacquer ~Aizu~

Aizu-nuri’s impressive history goes back more than 400 years. More than 10 companies from that region have gathered in Tokyo Dome. We present tableware that have inherited the tradition of Aizu-nuri, while also incorporating the latest skills to create items that match the modern lifestyle.

A Welcome by the Pottery Producers “Selection of 100 Donburi Bowls” ~Mino-Ware and Toki City~

What is something that can be offered uniquely by pottery producers? We’ve come to realize that the answer is to materialize ideas that arose from interacting with last year’s patrons, continue coming up with new products, and treasure each moment with each patron.
Each pottery producer made developments over the year with their patrons in mind. The producers await you at the “Donburi Bowl” booth, confident that each and every one will be able to encounter something to their satisfaction.

Outstanding Skill ~Seto-oribe~

The Seto-oribe is pleasing to the eye and its presence is enhanced all the more when food is prepared on it. We present this beautifully colored tableware of Seto, the first to have ever used lacquer in Japan. The outstanding skill which makes Seto-oribe possible, is a combination between beauty and utility, and adds color and refinement to your table.
This time we also have a special focus on small dishes, and mame-zara (dishes with a diameter of less than 5 centimeters), bringing you even more variety of lacquer and skills of Seto-Ware. Come and find a Seto-Ware of your choice.

A Personal Gem. A Gem for the Everyday ~Tajimi~

Tajimi city in the Gifu prefecture is the home of Mino-Ware. The ceramics and pottery made here go hand in hand with the everyday life. We have again this year, an assorted variety of dishes to liven your table, dishes for special occasions, dishes made by pottery producers that carry on tradition, with skills such as “shino-Ware,” “oribe-Ware,” “akae,” and “sometsuke,” as well as work made by up and coming young artisans. Come find a gem of your own right here.

A Relaxing Atmosphere with Raku-cha ~Tokoname-Ware~

Everyone has their own way of enjoying tea. The Tokoname pot is based on the beauty of the traditional form, with a lid that fits perfectly, effectively steams tea, and eliminates just enough of the astringency for a balanced flavor that anyone can enjoy. We hope you enjoy the beauty of the Tokoname-Ware.

The Joy of Living With Fine Quality Dishes ~Arita-Ware~

In this area, the theme is “Arita-Ware: The Joy of Living with Fine Quality Dishes.” Composed of three divisions, “traditional dishes based on the formal beauty of Arita,” “modern dishes that reflect the now,” and, “new dishes that are leading the way,” we present fashionable and high quality Arita-Ware items along with table settings. Additionally, the 18 pieces that were awarded in the 113th Arita International Ceramics Competition held in 2016 will be exhibited and available for purchase.

Ceramics of Nagasaki, Ateliers in our Lives ~Hasami-Ware~

Hasami-Ware is widely distributed and assimilated into our lives, giving color to our tables. Originating in Hasamichou, rich in nature, located the center of Nagasaki, this ceramic tradition has been passed down for 400 years, being transformed every day to fit the modern lifestyle. Hasami-Ware meets diverse demands, is functional, and stylish, showing that there is so much thought given towards the user that is poured into the product.

The Oasis of Ryukyu, the World of Niraikanai ~Okinawa Prefecture~

Yamuchin (Okinawan dialect for ceramics), benigata, orimono, Ryukyu glass, lacquer-Ware—artistic crafts born from the grand ocean, sky, rich nature, and the wisdom of the ancestors of Okinawa. The unique coloring has been passed down since the time of the Ryukyu Dynasty. The design and function have become modernized and refined with the changing times, but its strong presence has not changed to this day.
With Okinawan flowers as the backdrop, they will brighten your table, at times in a classical way, and at times in a modern way. It invites you into a “new paradise of beauty born from Okinawan handicraft” that merges Okinawa’s tradition and modernity.


The 25th Tableware Grand Prix: Comfortable Dining Area Contest

The 25th Tableware Grand Prix

Special Arena Stage

25th Anniversary Special Arena Stage

Here, there will be live stage events by leading figures of various fields, giving demos for such things as table setting and flower arrangement to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this festival. There will also be talk events with amazing guests, and piano and violin performances for the audience to enjoy.

Schedule:①11:00~11:30 ②12:30~13:00 ③14:00~14:30 ④15:30~16:15 ※1  On Sunday, January 29th there will not be ① ※2  Numbered tickets are schedule to be distributed for ④

5th Anniversary Special Stage

  • January 29 (Sun) Hiroyuki Kanaki Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Primary Cellist
  • January 30 (Mon) Taki Kato Coordinator
  • January 31(Tue)  Hideki Togi Gagaku player
  • February 1 (Wed) · February 4 (Sat) Keiji Tagawa Beads and Embroidery Designer
  • February 1 (Wed) · February 4 (Sat) Tetsuko Kuroyanagi Actress, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
  • February 2 (Thu) Emiri Miyamoto Violinist
  • February 3 (Fri) Keita Kawasaki Flower artist
  • February 5 (Sun) Harumi  Hanafusa  Pianist
  • February 6 (Mon) Koukentetsu Cooking researcher

Salon Seminar


Admission Door tickets: ¥2,100 (tax included)


Tokyo Dome Hotel

Information about the accommodation plan at the Tokyo Dome Hotel, which is next to the venue.