Tokyo Dome City


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon × TeNQ Exhibition Over the Sailor Moon
Ticket Purchases

The exhibit is located in the Special Exhibition Room in the corner of the Imagination Area. Visitors are able to enjoy all areas inside TeNQ with any of the different types of tickets.

Standard Ticket Purchases

Advance tickets for a specified day and time

Sold through the Seven Ticket service or online (Webket).
*These tickets do not include original goods.

Purchasing Online (Webket)

Advance tickets with original goods

These advance tickets include original goods for the Sailor Moon × TeNQ Exhibition. Original goods are not for sale and are only available with these tickets. The number of these tickets is limited, and available only through the Seven Ticket service. Please make purchases using the multi-function printer kiosk in 7-Eleven stores.

Original Goods Tickets -- Phase 1
Includes white chocolate "space food"

Actual chocolate supplied on Space Shuttle missions. Packaged in an original Princess Serenity wrapper made only for this exhibit.

On sale starting
Midnight on Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Items handed out starting
11:00 AM on Friday, December 15, 2017
Advance ticket price + 700 yen

Original Goods Tickets -- Phase 2
Includes Neo Queen Serenity "Sora Jewelry"

"Sora Jewelry," popular because of its constellation-and-star motif, with an original design of Neo Queen Serenity's tiara arranged like a constellation.

On sale starting
Midnight on Friday, December 1, 2017
Items handed out starting
10:00 AM on Monday, January 1, 2018
Advance ticket price + 3,000 yen

★Members of official Sailor Moon fan club Pretty Guardians will also receive a special 200-yen discount if they show their membership card at the counter.

Please Note

Goods other than the original goods offered with these tickets are on sale in the TeNQ Space Store.