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Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY Dance Installation at Gallery AaMo

Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY Dance Installation at Gallery AaMo Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY Dance Installation at Gallery AaMo
Term 2017.4.15 [sat] - 2017.4.16 [sun]
Time 1st OPEN 12:30 START 13:00
2nd OPEN 16:00 START 16:30
3rd OPEN 19:30 START 20:00
Place Gallery AaMo ( Access Map )


Celebrating its grand opening, "Gallery AaMo" is proud to present a collaborative work of Rhizomatiks Research, the media art group led by Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi, and ELEVENPLAY, the dance company led by stage director/choreographer MIKIKO.

Since their collaboration started in 2010, the joint creation by the world-renown artist group and the choreographer who continuously redefines entertainment expression with bold yet meticulous stage direction has mesmerized the audience throughout the world, providing creativity and originality second to none. This will be their first joint creation in 2 years.

Prepare yourself for a world premiere dance installation, an experience no one else can offer.

Ticket sales

◆Day Ticket

◆Advance Ticket
  3,500yen  →SOLD OUT

・Limited number of additional tickets will be available at Gallery AaMo Ticket Counter. The tickets for each day will go on sale at 11:00am on both April 15th and 16th. Two(2) tickets maximum can be purchased per person per performance. Due to limited tickets available, we may not be able to provide tickets to all guests on line.

・While in line, please check the number on your ticket to be called for entry. Also, please be informed that although most of the audience area is standing area, the front sections are equipped with chairs.

Special Price 3,300 yen
Feb.25[sat]12:00 ~ Mar.5[sun]23:59

Price 3,500yen
Mar.11[sat]10:00 ~ Apr.13[thu]23:59
 ・Ticket Pia (P-code:634-938)
 ・Lawson Ticket (L-code:33500)
 ・Seven Ticket


Rhizomatiks Research

Daito Manabe

Photo by Shizuo Takahashi




Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D)



  • Please check the serial number on your ticket as you will be entering the facility according to the number.
  • Tickets at the door will be sold only for performance(s) with tickets left.
    • Tickets at the door will be available at Gallery AaMo ticket counter
    • Those who purchased tickets at the door will be escorted to the back of the entry line
  • Please be informed that the time of door opening may be delayed.
  • Tickets are valid for designated date and time of performance.
  • Tickets are valid for only one person per ticket.
  • The audience area is "standing only." There will be no seats or chairs.
  • Tickets not available for pre-school children.
  • Purchasing tickets for commercial, conveyance, or resale purpose is strictly prohibited. When violation is detected, you will be asked to leave the premise.
  • Exchanging to different date/time of performance, cancellation, and reimbursement after purchasing ticket is unavailable.
  • Even in case of extreme weather or traffic delays, reimbursement is unavailable if the performance is carried out.
  • Reissuing of tickets is unavailable in case of lost ticket, damage by fire or other mishandling. Also, please do not tear off the ticket.

During the performance

  • Photographing and video recording is strictly prohibited.
  • Space for guests with wheelchair will be provided. Please contact the organizer for more information.
  • There are coin lockers available outside of facility.
  • Usage of chairs or mattings, bringing beverage in cans, bottles, PETs, cups, and also fireworks and explosive materials, animals (excluding guide dogs for the blind), selfie sticks inside facility are prohibited. Any possession or usage of materials and substances prohibited by law will immediately be reported to the law enforcement agencies.
  • Please use the public transportation when visiting the facility as the parking spaces are limited.
  • In accordance with the Exclusion of Anti Social Forces, members and related personnels of organized crime groups, and those who are highly intoxicated are not allowed to enter the premise.