Japan Grand Prix International Orchid and Flower Show 2020


The exhibition will feature an installation comprising 1 million orchid flowers to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the exhibition's launch.

Symbol monument Cherry Blossom in Orchid illusion

“Cherry blossoms in full bloom” expressed by 1 million orchid flowers will be displayed at the center of the exhibition venue. A man-made hill with a waterfall is adorned with pink oncidium blossoms.

30th anniversary
Commemorative exhibition

  • Glorious history of Cattleya Dominiana

    From among cattleyas, the queen of orchids, large dominianas – the world’s first cross-bred cattleya that came into being 160 years ago – will be showcased.

  • Great treasure orchids

    High-end Western, Oriental and Japanese orchids, which can be rarely seen on display, will be exhibited. An oriental orchid, named “Cymbidium goeringii ‘Enkouzetsu’” each priced at more than ¥12 million, will be exhibited for the first time in Japan. Visitors can enjoy the elegant flower shape and leafstalks of the oriental orchid and other highly priced orchids.

Botanical Style

  • Please enjoy a gorgeous Reiwa Era spring

    To commemorate the first show of the Reiwa Era, the exhibition will have an installation on the beauty of Japan, which expresses the world of Manyo-shu, Japan’s oldest collection of waka poems and the source material for the era name, with oriental orchids and bonsai trees.

    The three different style of Japanese Ikebana

    The three major Japanese ikebana schools – Ikenobo, Sogetsu and Ohara – which have played a key role in passing on the beauty of Japanese flower arrangement for many years, will showcase their artistic work at the same venue. Visitors can experience the gorgeous expression of beauty, which differs from school to school, at the very same venue.


The exhibition will showcase not only orchids, but also many other flowers and greenery.
Also, food and related products are available at the venue.
Almost 200 exhibitors from around the world will be there to serve you.





Japan grand prix

More than 1,000 exhibitors join the world’s largest orchid contest held at the exhibition every year. The total prize money is up to 11.53 million yen in total!

Japan Grand Prix

  • Div. I Individual Plant

    Div. I Individual Plant
  • Div. II Fragrance

    Div. II Fragrance
  • Div. III Displays

    Show Display ClassShow Display ClassLifestyle Display ClassLifestyle Display ClassAmateur ClassAmateur Class
  • Div. IV
    Flower Arrangements

  • Div. V
    Hanging Baskets