Special exhibit TOKYO International Great Quilt Festival 2017

Flowers of quilt will bloom all over Tokyo Dome in the 16th Tokyo International Quilt Festival
Special exhibitions include; precious flower quilts of 1800’s owned by IQSCM of Nebraska University, USA and flower themed new quilts, “Four Seasons – Flower Stories”, created by Japan’s top quilt artists. Also, colorful flowers will lined up along Yellow Brick Road to Emerald Castle in this year’s special exhibition, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

Special Feature Project: ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ by Reiko Washizawa

The Wizard of Oz is set in Kansas, in the United States. The Japanese quilt artist, Reiko Washizawa and her group produced 3D quilts featured familiar characters in the story such as Dorothy and The Tin Woodman. The Emerald Castle and a giant hot air balloon will also be spotted in these quilts.


A Flowering of Quilts of IQSCM, University of Nebraska

The quilt collection of IQSCM, International Quilt Study Center & Museum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is one of the biggest public collection in the world. We bring very precious flower quilts carefully selected from their 5000 beautiful pieces.
In 1800s America, in reaction to the raising interest of gardening, there was a rush of new magazine publications featuring gardening. Quilt trend was not exceptions. Many quilts made in this era featured colorful garden designs and new species of flowers.

The Complete Collection of Works by Yoko Saito:Scandinavian Inspirations

Yoko Saito established her own style by using “taupe color” in her quilt pieces. In this year’s festival, we will display her “Scandinavian fascination” in the scale that has never seen before, with rare early pieces and beautiful bags she created.


Newly created quilts Japanese Quilt Artists: Flowers of the Four Seasons

Japan’s top quilt artists express their sentiment for flowers in their new pieces.


Myway of quiltmaking by four artists

Four top Japanese quilt artists, Yoko Ueda, Kathy Nakajima, Shizuko Kuroha and Suzuko Koseki, create their unique flower themed quilt pieces.


Picture Book Quilts ‘The World of Leo Lionni’

Leo Lionni, a picture book author whose work, “Swimmy” was featured in Japanese elementary school book, expressed his world in illustration with vivid colors. Now they became equally magical quilts.

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Partnership Quilt - ‘Falling in Love with Garden ’-

Quilt blocks collected from the viewers of NHK’s “Suteki ni Handmade (a Joy of Working with Hands)” have been pieced together into a fun quilt with a supervision of Eiko Okano, a quilt artist.
Raffle tickets will be sold on this Partnership Quilt during the festival and we will put proceed in good use of charity.
8910 pieces were collected this year (63 pieces of quilt).

On-the-Spot Lessons

4 special booths are placed on the site for lessons and demonstrations throughout the day during the festival.

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In advance ¥1,900
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Free admission for infants and elementary school children accompanied by an adult

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