Colorful Living

Presenting Dining Spaces with Table Settings

Celebrities from various fields present welcoming dining spaces with their unique table settings to color everyday life.

  • Koji Ishizaka〔Actor〕

    Koji Ishizaka

  • Yuko Ogura〔TV Personality〕

    Yuko Ogura
    〔TV Personality〕

  • Tetsuko Kuroyanagi〔Actress, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador〕

    Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
    UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador〕

  • Sisyu〔Calligrapher, Artist〕

    〔Calligrapher, Artist〕

  • Ayako Shinozaki〔Harpist〕

    Ayako Shinozaki

  • Keiji Tagawa〔Bead Embroidery Designer, Specially Appointed Professor at Bunka Gakuen University〕

    Keiji Tagawa
    〔Bead Embroidery Designer,
    Specially Appointed Professor at Bunka Gakuen University〕

  • Reiko Takenaka〔Ikebana Flower Arrangement Artist, Space Producer〕

    Reiko Takenaka
    〔Ikebana Flower Arrangement Artist,
    Space Producer〕

  • Hideki Togi〔Gagaku Player〕

    Hideki Togi
    〔Gagaku Player〕

(In Japanese alphabetical order)

My Style Selection—Suggestions from the Creators—

My Style Selection—Suggestions from the Creators—

Many creators introduce products with outstanding new designs and functionality. These products are for sale on a pre-order basis.

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The Sublime Art of China Painting: Hospitality with Painted Dishes—Japan Porcelain Painters Association (J.P.P.A) —

The Sublime Art of China Painting: Hospitality with Painted Dishes
—Japan Porcelain Painters Association (J.P.P.A.) —

The themes of this exhibition are "dining together," "dining for me," and "celebration." The table for dining together is full of smiles spiced with lively conversation. The table for dining for me is a treating myself. The table for celebration is set on important occasions in life. These table settings are displayed with gratitude and hope. Through hand-painted tableware, enjoy dining and teatime scenes a little different from your everyday life.

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Invitation to Western Tableware

Sophisticated table settings by name-brand makers. These first-class brands present elegant dining spaces with their newest products and tableware lines.

Color Your Days with the Essence of Quality

We wanted to make beautiful, white, refined Western tableware here in Japan....
This was the passion that drove the founders to establish Noritake in 1904. Noritake is tableware that is a natural part of the everyday life, combining the comfort of living with beautiful objects. We present the essence of quality that colors your precious moments in various settings.

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Unsurpassed Hospitality
—Creating the Finest Chinaware since 1919—
—Okura Art China—

Okura Art China was established in 1919 with the philosophy of creating the finest chinaware and has since strived to produce artistic chinaware. With its unrivaled white, hard, smooth porcelain suffused with Japanese culture and tradition, Okura's chinaware enjoys a reputation as one of the best Western tableware brands.

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Okura Art China

A Rich Combination of Raynaud’s Craftsmanship and House’s Spices
—House Foods Group—

The theme of this exhibition is "Raynaud Gold—Marriage of craftsmanship and art, savoring combinations with pure white."
This exhibition presents table settings that feature various contrasts using Raynaud's new lines Oskar and Chelsea, as well as Ercuis's new lines.

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House Foods Group

Experiencing Japanese Tableware

This exhibition features the beauty and craft of Japanese traditional tableware such as lacquer ware, pottery, and porcelain, presenting quality and tasteful Japanese dining spaces that fit modern life.


Traditional Sensibilities and Modern Lacquer—Aizu—

Aizu lacquer ware has a history of more than 400 years. Eight companies from the region have gathered in Tokyo Dome. This exhibition features both classic tableware that represents Aizu lacquer ware's tradition inherited from generation to generation and modern items that flexibly incorporate the latest techniques to match contemporary life.

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the Three Hokuriku Prefectures

Colorful Craftwork Fostered by the Local Culture of the Three Hokuriku Prefectures

The three Hokuriku Prefectures, whose long history and rich natural environment have fostered a diverse and high-quality traditional culture that is still alive, boasts world-class attractive craftwork. This exhibition booth presents Hokuriku's modern traditional art crafts that draw on master craftsmanship.
(Photographs in the middle row provided by Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism League)

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Mino Ware, Toki City

Greetings from the Potteries: A Selection of 100 Donburi Bowls—Mino Ware, Toki City—

This booth welcomes you with cordial settings created by each pottery. A wide variety of unique and inimitable bowls will surely satisfy every visitor. With the participation of a new group of women working for potteries called "Mino-yaki Okami Juku," this year's exhibition also presents gentle, feminine bowls.

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Seto Ware

Outstanding Crafts: Seto Oribe—Seto Ware—

Seto Oribe ware is pleasing to the eye, and its presence is enhanced all the more when food is arranged on it. This exhibition presents beautifully colored tableware that can be made only by Seto, the first ware to use glazes in Japan. Products of outstanding craftsmanship, Oribe and other Seto ware combine beauty and utility, adding grace and color to your table every day.
This year's exhibition features rice bowls, introducing you to a greater variety of glazes and techniques of Seto ware than ever before. Come and find your ideal Seto ware bowl.

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A Personal Gem for Everyday Use—Tajimi—

Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture is the home of Mino ware. Ceramics made in Tajimi are a part of people’s daily lives. This year's exhibition again presents a variety of bowls and dishes that range from those coloring your table every day to those for welcoming guests on special occasions, those made by potteries following traditional techniques such as Shino, Oribe, Akae and Sometsuke, and those created by up-and-coming young artisans. Come and find the gem of your choice.

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Tokoname Ware

A Relaxing Atmosphere with Raku-cha—Tokoname Ware —

Everyone has their own way of enjoying tea, and the teapot is an essential part of that pleasure. The Tokoname teapot has a beautiful traditional form with a close-fitting lid to effectively steam tea, generating a well-balanced taste. Savor the charm of Tokoname ware.

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Arita Ware

A Delightful Table with Your Favorite Tableware—Arita Ware—

Founded on a long tradition, a new form of Arita ware has been born. Quality Arita tableware has always been inspired by the concept of bringing joy and comfort to people's lives and creating a delightful table. With the theme of "a delightful table with your favorite tableware," this exhibition presents everyday table settings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, birthday and other anniversaries, and parties. The tableware on display is available for purchase.

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Hasami Ware

Ceramics of Nagasaki, Atelier for Our Everyday Lives—Hasami Ware—

Hasami ware is widely distributed throughout Japan and blends into our lives, bringing color to our tables every day. In Hasami, located in the middle of Nagasaki Prefecture and surrounded by lush greenery, Hasami ware is constantly changing to fit modern lifestyles, while carrying on a 400-year tradition of craftsmanship. Hasami tableware meets diverse needs and combines functionality with stylish design. This reflects the unique gentleness of Hasami ware, which is always made with the user in mind.

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Okinawa Prefecture

Ryukyu Oasis: Invitation to the World of Niraikanai—Okinawa Prefecture—

Yachimun (Okinawan dialect for ceramics), bingata (traditional dyed cloth), fabrics, Ryukyu glasses, and lacquer ware—these are all products of Okinawa's magnificent sea and sky, rich nature, and ancient wisdom. Their unique colors and tastes have been passed down from the age of the ancient Ryukyu Kingdom. With the passage of time, their designs and uses have become sophisticated and modernized, but their strong presence remains unchanged. With Okinawan flowers as the backdrop, they may color your table in a classical way or in a modern way. You are invited to a paradise of beauty born from new Okinawan handicrafts, which merge local tradition and modernity.

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The 26th Tableware Grand Prix: Comfortable Dining Area Contest

This is the biggest tableware contest in Japan, consisting of Original Design, Coordination, and Special Judges sections. The Original Design section gathers unique and distinctive tableware. The Coordination section focuses on the theme of delightful tables for festive occasions. The Special Judges section has been revived this year to feature bowls and tables for enjoying noodles. The prize winners selected from many entries are on display.

The26th prize winners

  • Original Design section

  • Coordination section

  • Special Judges section

  • Special Judges section

Special Arena Stage

Celebrities from various fields perform table setting, flower arrangement, and other demonstrations. You can also enjoy talk events with amazing guests as well as cello and harp performances.

  • Stage Photo
  • Stage Photo


Salon Seminars

Hands-on seminars ranging from table setting to flower arrangement are held for visitors. (Fee charged)