Special Displays

German Tableware —Traditional & Modern—

Germany where European ceramics were born continues to charm ceramics enthusiasts throughout the world with its high quality ceramic products. Enjoy the much admired German quality tableware ranging from gems by meisters to modern style products coming to Japan for the first time.

<Exhibiting Brands> Kannegießer-Keramik, Nachtmann, Villeroy & Boch, Meissen, Rosenthal, DIBBERN, FÜRSTENBERG, hering berlin and KPM Berlin

Colorful Table: Casual Rich —Hasami Ware—

Hasami ware of Nagasaki Prefecture has 400 years of history. It boasts a long tradition and yet has continued to evolve to fit a modern lifestyle. Hasami has been attracting attention in recent years as the pottery producing area that leads the trends. Immerse yourself in the very original “casual rich” world.

<Exhibiting Potteries> aiyu, Ishimaru Togei, 1ryu (Ichiryu Toen), Isshin Toen, Eiho Porcelain, Oshingama, Kogyoku Toen, Saikai Toki, Jyuzan Ceramic, Shohogama, Seiko Kiln, Seizan, Takayama Toki, Tanshingama, Nishiyama, Hakusan Toki, Hamato, Horie Touki, Rizaemon, and Wazan

Botanical Table —Enjoy Natural Living—

Pottery, porcelain, glassware and crystal brands from different countries were coordinated and exhibited in the theme of “botanical.” Unique tableware settings rich in character with botanical patterns are presented.

Pottery and Porcelain Area

<Exhibiting Brands> Burleigh, BERNARDAUD, Herend, PENTIK, BORDALLO PINHEIRO, and RAYNAUD

Glass and Crystal Area

<Exhibiting Brands> IVV, Venetian Glass, KAGAMI, Kitaichi Glass, Glass Studio, Daum, HARIO, and LOBMEYR

Glass Tasting Area

To demonstrate how taste is affected by the glasses of different brands made with different techniques, you are invited to try a glass of white wine, champagne, sparkling wine, or soft drink with any of the glasses on display. (Fee charged)