Special Displays

British—Style of Life—

Life in the UK is full of grace and elegance. This exhibition presents beautiful lifestyle featuring gardens and tea in various table settings in the latest British style.

<Exhibiting Brands> WEDGWOOD, Aynsley, Emma Bridgewater, Spode, Denby, Burleigh, Halcyon Days, PORTMEIRION, RICHARD BRENDON, ROYAL WORCESTER, ROYAL CROWN DERBY, Royal Doulton, WILLIAM YEOWARD CRYSTAL, Arthur Price of England

The Beauty of Utility in Tableware—Kasama Ware and Mashiko Ware

Kasama in Ibaraki Prefecture and Mashiko in Tochigi Prefecture are major production areas of daily tableware. Blessed with rich natural surroundings, Kasama has fostered a free atmosphere. Mashiko, one of the centers of the Mingei (folk crafts) movement, currently produces a wide variety of bowls and dishes. Enjoy the beauty of utility in tableware that brings out the unique characteristics of potteries in each production area.

■ Kasama Ware

Dating back to the Edo period, Kasama in Ibaraki Prefecture is the oldest pottery production area in the Kanto region. The traditional craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation and Kasama’s liberal atmosphere valuing individuality have cultivated the sensibility and expression of potters, enabling diversity to bloom in this area. Bowls and dishes created by highly individualistic potters from all over Japan lend a touch of color to modern life.

<Exhibiting Potteries and Potters> Ivory Castle, Kenji Asano, Kaori Azuma, Shintaro Abe, Koichi Iinuma, Makoto Oki, Keicondo, Hiroshi Komazawa, Go Sato, Sanno-gama, Shima craft, Chihiro Sunayama, Takehara Tobo (Mitsuhiro Fujita), Tokobo Cloud, Akihiko Nakano, Shungo Nemoto, Hara Tokobo (Sumio and Kyoko Hara), Hiiragi Tsuchikobo, Tetsuya and Masako Furukawa, Yasuharu Morikawa

■ Mashiko Ware

Mashiko ware is made using clay and glazes in Mashiko. The items produced range from traditional tableware created with such techniques as nagashikake (pouring glazes) to various new styles of pottery. Shoji Hamada, the famous potter who led the Mingei movement in the Taisho period, made his home in Mashiko in 1924. In addition, Bernard Leach, a UK artist involved in the movement together with Hamada, also engaged in pottery making in the region.

<Exhibiting Potteries and Potters> Taketoshi Ito, Muneaki Iwashita, Shinsuke Iwami, Enokida-gama, Yoshiko Kasahara, Taro Kamoda, Kiyoshi-gama, Kenichi-gama, Sakuma-Totaro-gama, Ryo Suzuki, Yoshiaki Senda, Tobo Hinata, Karin Nakamura, Toshihiko Nishimura, Hagiwara-gama, Fukushima-gama, Matthew Sovjani, Ryuji Miyata, Murasawa Toen

Table Settings with Taste, Color, and Beauty

Pottery, porcelain, glass and crystal tableware from name-brands around the world are coordinated based on the signature color of each brand. Rich and varied table settings with taste, color, and beauty are presented.

■Pottery and Porcelain Area

<Exhibiting Brands> VERSACE/ROSENTHAL, GIEN, BERNARDAUD, Herend, MATEUS, Laure Selignac

■Glass and Crystal Area

<Exhibiting Brands> IVV, Venetian Glass, Moser, LOBMEYR, Kitaichi Glass, HARIO, HANASHYO, RYUKYU GLASS CREATION

Glass Tasting Area

To demonstrate how taste is affected by the glasses of different brands made with different techniques, you are invited to try a glass of white wine, champagne, sparkling wine, or soft drink with any of the glasses on display. (Fee charged)