Tokyo Dome City


Ticket Information

Same day tickets are for sale at the ticket counter.
To make sure visitors have the best possible experience, tickets to TeNQ specify designated dates and times for admission.
Advanced ticket purchase is available in Japanese only.

Ticket Purchases
Please Note:
Several exhibits at TeNQ incorporate large-screen video, sound, and blackout effects that do not allow us to admit children under 4 into the Museum. Also, children under 10 must be accompanied by someone of junior high school age or older.
Admission to TeNQ is at specific days and times only. Entry is not allowed outside your specific day and time.
Please be aware that after ticket purchase, we cannot accommodate cancellations, changes, or refunds for any reason.

Admission Fees

Same day tickets
1,800 yen
■Seniors (65 and older)
1,200 yen
■Students (high school, university, technical school)
1,500 yen
■Children 4 yrs. old through junior high school
1,200 yen
■Same day re-entry tickets
600 yen

*Students and seniors, please present ID with proof of age.
*Those who wish to buy re-entry tickets on the day of their visit should exit the Museum, then request a re-entry ticket at the ticket counter.

Discounts for Persons with Disability

The discount price applies to disabled visitor and one companion (per person with disability).
If applicable, present your disability certificate (copy accepted) at the TeNQ ticket counter at the time of ticket purchase.
*This refund does not apply to tickets purchased at discount prices through travel agencies, etc.
*Not for use in conjunction with other discount tickets.

Fee Discounts for Persons with Disability

General: 1,500 yen
Seniors 65 and older: 1,000 yen
High school, university, technical school students: 1,200 yen
Children 4 yrs. to junior high school: 1,000 yen

Other discounts

・TD Point Card: 200 yen discount for admission times 4:00 PM or later
*Please show your point card at time of purchase.
*Please note that points will not accrue for this purchase. You can receive points for your visit (near the TeNQ exit).
*Purchases at the TeNQ Space Store earn points.