Tokyo Dome City


TeNQ Space Museum Audio Guide

With the Official TeNQ Space Museum Audio Guide app, visitors can access the audio guide to the museum via their smartphone.
The app offers audio commentaries about the highlights of each collection and exhibit so that you can spend a more enjoyable time touring the museum.

*The audio guide app is available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.
The information provided in the audio guide can be purchased at the TeNQ ticket counter.
See below for more information on using the app.

Japanese / English / Chinese (Simplified) / Korean / French

Japanese: Hiroki Yasumoto
English: Alexander Hunter
Chinese (Simplified): Tao Li
Korean: Kim Bo Min
French: Giry Vincent

●Running time
Approx. 30 minutes

●Charges (tax included)
400 yen / Audio guide + TeNQ Book (official guide book) : 600 yen

●System Requirements
Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 8.1 or later
*Not compatibe with certain models.

●Commentary script
Maya Iwamoto

●Supervision of the Science Area
Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo and Director of the TeNQ Research Center
Hideaki Miyamoto

●Planning and production

How to use TeNQ Audio Guide

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to the Audio Guide through your earphones.