How to enjoy the experience of watching a baseball game at Tokyo Dome

Explaining the ticket purchase process for the day's game and the unique cheering style of Japanese baseball fans. Food and goods available in the Tokyo Dome are also introduced.

Tokyo Dome City's signature ride, the "Thunder Dolphin"

Introducing the joy of the 130 km/h roller coaster "Thunder Dolphin" and other recommended attractions.

Anime Japan! "Jump Shop" Introduction

You can purchase specialty goods featuring popular anime characters at "JUMP SHOP".

7 things you can do at Tokyo Dome City

We will introduce unique spots that you can experience at Tokyo Dome City.

"On your way" is the correct way to visit Tokyo Dome City!

Tokyo Dome City is located in the middle of various sights. It is an ideal spot to stop by on your way to other sightseeing spots.

Tokyo Dome City: You can enjoy walking with a camera

We will introduce various scenes available only in the Tokyo Dome City that you can enjoy even just by viewing from outside - not only the famous Tokyo Dome, but also other interesting places.

6 reasons to stay at Tokyo Dome Hotel

"Tokyo Dome Hotel" overlooking the Tokyo Dome is a large hotel located inside the Yamanote line, in Suidobashi at the center of Tokyo.​ ​

Having fun in the rain at the Tokyo Dome City

You came all the way on vacation, but it's raining... When your plans are all washed up, Tokyo Dome City has plenty of places you can enjoy even while it's wet out.

How to purchase tickets for various Tokyo Dome City facilities

The ticket office locations vary depending on events and facilities. We will show you how to purchase various tickets!

Enjoy a relaxing bath in the middle of Tokyo! How to use Spa LaQua

In an easily accessible location in the middle of Tokyo, Spa LaQua is a spa facility that utilizes natural spring water that rises up from 1,700m underground.

Stroll Tips Regional Tourism Web Magazine

Stroll Tips is a web magazine introducing places for culture, sightseeing, leisure and food near the Tokyo Dome.
By introducing attractive local information, we are hoping this site can give you “a tip to stroll.”