Tokyo Dome
Tokyo Dome is Japan's first domed stadium, opened on the March 17, 1988.
Baseball games and various other events are held at the dome throughout the year.



Serving as the home stadium of the Yomiuri Giants, Tokyo Dome hosts more than 60 professional baseball games yearly. In addition to professional games, it hosts several amateur baseball games.
It has also hosted many international baseball games, including a Major League Baseball season opening game, Japanese-American baseball games, and the World Baseball Classic.

Other sports

[images]Other sports

Numerous international sports events, including NFL games, NBA games, a heavyweight title match featuring boxer Mike Tyson, as well as soccer matches were held in the Dome.



Tokyo Dome is also known as the largest concert venue in Japan where concerts are held by famous artists from Japan and abroad. Foreign superstars who have held their concerts in the dome so far include Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and Paul McCartney.



Many international conventions and events which attracted tens of thousands of visitors each day, such as the Tableware Festival and the International Great Quilt Festival, were held in the Tokyo Dome.