It is not a solid art, but a gallery that can be played for adults full of fun and live feeling like Tokyo Dome City

  • AaMo's "A" stands for "Art" "Amusement" and "aMo" means "and More". It is a gallery where new value is created and expanded, and it means that it will be recognized as a new landmark in Tokyo.
  • Based on "and More" as a keyword, it is a base for the transmission of a greedy culture that crosses various genres, from state-of-the-art media art to crafts and subculture.
Attractions area (Tokyo Dome City Map

Experiences only possible at Tokyo Dome City

"On your way" is the correct way to visit Tokyo Dome City!

Tokyo Dome City is located in the middle of various sights. It is an ideal spot to stop by on your way to other sightseeing spots.

Tokyo Dome City where you can enjoy walking with camera

We will introduce various scenes unique to Tokyo Dome City that you can enjoy not only by seeing Tokyo Dome, which is famous as a tourist attraction, but also with its high profile.

Anime Japan! Introduction of "JUMP SHOP"

You can purchase specialty goods featuring popular anime characters at "JUMP SHOP".