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Not just the amusement park that can be enjoyed from adults to children and indoor playgrounds for preschoolers. Here, there is "something" for everyone, from bowling, roller skating, a special museum about the universe and a gallery where you can experience Japanese pop culture, whenever you like in the time you have.

Experiences only possible at Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City's signature ride, "Thunder Dolphin"

Introducing the joy of the 130 km/h roller coaster "Thunder Dolphin" and other recommended attractions.

Have fun even in the rain! Tokyo Dome City

You came all the way on vacation, but it's raining... When your plans are all washed up, Tokyo Dome City has plenty of places you can enjoy even while it's wet out.

How to purchase tickets to Tokyo Dome City facilities

Tickets to different events and facilities are available at different locations. You can see how to purchase tickets here.​ ​​ ​

"On your way" is the correct way to visit Tokyo Dome City!

Tokyo Dome City is located in the middle of various sightseeing spots. It is an ideal place to stop by on your way to those spots.

Facility List

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Free gate (entrance free) amusement park where small children to adults can enjoy.

Indoor Kids' Playground

The largest indoor kids playground in Tokyo, where parents and children can enjoy together

Tokyo Dome Bowling Center

Consist of sports bowling and "toast" bowling (with bar), a bowling alley with total of 54 lanes for two different occasions​ ​

Table Tennis Space "TaKuSuRu"

The Ping-Pong Space – Welcoming all ages to enjoy learning and playing table tennis.

Tokyo Dome Roller Skate Arena

The largest indoor roller skating rink in Tokyo

Spo-Dori! (Indoor Sports Facility)

Indoor sports facility where bouldering, batting and golf can be enjoyed within the same facility

Gallery AaMo

Gallery with fusion of entertainment and art where adults can have fun.

Hero Action Show

Exciting action show shown at the Theatre G-Rosso.

JFA Soccer culture center「blue-ing!」

Facilities for enjoying everything from next-gen interactive content and the latest digital exhibits to a cafe, restaurant, and soccer shop.

The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (The History of Baseball in Japan)

A museum operated by the entire Japanese baseball community (professional/amateur)

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