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One of the largest indoor kid playgrounds in Tokyo. Both children and adults can enjoy together! Your family can have lots of fun even on rainy days!

  • It is one of the largest indoor kids facilities in Tokyo that can be enjoyed by a kid at the age of 0. There are many areas for kids of all ages - areas for exercise, for playing with lots of toys and so on.
  • There are themes in each area such as ocean, forest, town, station, etc. You can have various kinds of playing experiences with plenty of toys and equipment.
  • There are the biggest ball pool in Tokyo, a slide and a trampoline, as well as a playhouse area. Kids can play all day using their imagination to the full.
  • There is an area exclusive to babies up to 24 months where little babies can play safely. There is also a baby room. Baby food is also sold (automatic vending machine) within the facility.
Saturdays · Sundays · Holidays
  • The reception is closed 70 minutes before the closing time.
  • It may change depending on an event or other situations.
Fees and Policies
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Have fun even in the rain! Tokyo Dome City

You came all the way on vacation, but it's raining... When your plans are all washed up, Tokyo Dome City has plenty of places you can enjoy even while it's wet out.

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You can purchase special merchandise featuring popular anime characters at "JUMP SHOP".

"On your way" is the correct way to visit Tokyo Dome City!

Tokyo Dome City is located in the middle of various sightseeing spots. It is an ideal place to stop by on your way to those spots.