This is a free-to-enter amusement park in the city center that everyone, from small children to adults, can enjoy (Fees are charged for attractions.)

  • The admission to the park is free. You can decide how to enjoy after entering the park and buy only the tickets for your favorite attractions even for a short visit. Or, you can enjoy the whole park all day with a one-day pass.
  • There are a variety of attractions such as roller coasters with the maximum speed of 130 km/hr and a Ferris wheel that overlooks Tokyo skylines.
  • The world's first centerless Ferris wheel is here!
  • Open hours and operating hours of each attraction may vary depending on the season, the day of the week, and events.
    In case that the number of riders exceeds the ride capacity for the day, operation hours may be shortened.
Admission Tickets
Attractions area (Tokyo Dome City Map)

Experiences only possible at Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City's signature ride, "Thunder Dolphin"

Here we introduce you to the joy of the 130 km/h roller coaster "Thunder Dolphin" and other recommended attractions.

"On your way" is the correct way to visit Tokyo Dome City!

Tokyo Dome City is located in the middle of various sightseeing spots. It is an ideal place to stop by on your way to those spots.

How to purchase tickets to Tokyo Dome City facilities

Tickets to different events and facilities are available at different locations. You can see how to purchase tickets here.​ ​​ ​

Have fun even in the rain! Tokyo Dome City

You came all the way on vacation, but it's raining... When your plans are all washed up, Tokyo Dome City has plenty of places you can enjoy even while it's wet out.

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