You can enjoy casual bowling in a bright and open space.

  • You can turn all lanes into gutter-free lanes. As a wide range of shoe size is available, a whole family can enjoy bowling together.
  • It is open until 22:30, so it is perfect for evening leisure.
  • You can also play for a short time.
Weekdays, Saturdays
Sundays, Holidays
  • Open hours may change during New Year's holidays, spring, summer, or winter vacation period, etc.
General fees
Yellow Bldg 5F (Tokyo Dome City Map)

General fees

1 game fee

TypesWeekdaysSaturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
Adults700 yen750 yen
Students650 yen750 yen
Junior high school students (15 years old) or younger600 yen650 yen

Rental shoe fee

Rental shoes15.0 cm to 32.0 cm400 yen
  • Those who are heavily intoxicated are not allowed to play.
  • Please wear socks when using rental shoes.

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