Tokyo Dome is a famous landmark in Tokyo used for a wide variety of purposes, not only for baseball games but for other sports, concerts, and events.

  • It is not only the home ground of the professional baseball team Yomiuri Giants, but also a premier venue in Japan where more than 8 million people visit annually.
  • Opened in 1988, Japan's first air-supported dome supports the membrane roof by air pressure difference.
  • One of the best stadiums in Japan, it can accommodate 55,000 people. In addition to Japanese artists, international artists perform at Tokyo Dome and large-scale events are held annually.
Tokyo Dome (Tokyo Dome City Map)

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東京の真ん中で気軽に温泉を楽しむ!スパ ラクーアの利用方法

東京の真ん中、アクセスバツグンの位置にある「スパ ラクーア」は、地下1,700mから湧き出た天然の温泉を使用したスパ施設です。

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