Cautions when Visiting

Please cooperate and follow the rules and procedures below when you visit Tokyo Dome. We want everybody to enjoy events safely and comfortably at Tokyo Dome.​ ​

Please cooperate when you watch baseball games

The wearing of masks

We ask visitors to make their own decision to wear a mask or not.
Please respect others’ decisions regarding masks and do not try to force them to wear one.

Refrain from visiting if you are not feeling well

Please also refrain from coming if you have other symptoms such as intense fatigue, cold-like symptoms (such as cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath), or you have felt you have lost your sense of taste or smell.

Help with hand sanitizer and cough etiquette

Please wash your hands frequently, disinfect your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and help with cough etiquette.

100% Cashless Payments at Tokyo Dome

To help customers save time and reduce physical contact, Tokyo Dome has gone cashless. Cash cannot be used on site.

No smoking is allowed inside Tokyo Dome

Smoking is strictly prohibited at Tokyo Dome to prevent crowding in smoking areas. If you wish to smoke, please inform a staff member you wish to re-enter and use the designated smoking area outside Tokyo Dome.

No alcoholic beverages can be brought inside. Transferring drinks into other containers is also prohibited

Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought onto the premises. Also, we do not provide containers to transfer drinks that are not allowed, e.g., bottles, cans, and plastic bottles (frozen beverages or those with a volume of 1,000 ml or more).

Avoid exiting during crowded times

Please help us minimize congestion as everyone leaves the venue.
Also, after leaving Tokyo Dome, please help prevent congestion by moving in non-crowded areas and not using the station nearest to Tokyo Dome.

Videos and Photography Inside the Venue

As part of the organizer’s stadium production, footage taken of the seats, concourse, and field may be shown on the screens around the venue. Customers and/or their voices may be included in this footage.

Those not admitted to enter

  • Those who belong to an organized crime group or any type of antisocial forces, or any individuals associated with those groups
  • Those who are prohibited or declined from entering by an event holder, Tokyo Dome, or Professional Baseball Organized Crime Group Exclusion Measure Committee
  • Those who do not present official entrance passes
  • Those who do not cooperate with baggage inspection when entering
  • Those who are notably drunk
  • Those who are not given admission pursuant to "Contract concerning Watching Games" or who are considered inadmissible by the event holder or Tokyo Dome

Things that are not allowed to bring in Tokyo Dome. (Items not allowed)

  • Guns, swords, knives, etc. or fireworks, firecrackers, deleterious substances, or other dangerous objects
  • Objects that might cause trouble or bother other visitors. (Objects that give off strikingly bad smell or large sounds, etc.)
  • Bins, cans, plastic bottles of any kind (Frozen or content over 1,000 ml)
  • Pets(Except for assistance dogs for the disabled )
  • Items to secure more seats than needed
  • Sports cheering items that are not defined in "Cheering Items" below
  • Baggage too big for a seat and that exceeds the size of the seat
    Except for baby strollers. You cannot bring or use strollers to seating areas, so we keep your strollers at the entrance.​ ​
  • Other objects which are prescribed not to bring in under "Contract concerting Watching Games" or which are considered to interfere with events'progression or facility operation and management in Tokyo Dome or to be dangerous or to cause trouble for other people.​ ​​ ​

Behaviors that are not allowed(Prohibited Behaviors)

  • Violent behaviors(violent language, threats, blackmailing, intimidations, violence, etc. )
  • Breaking facilities or equipment
  • Throwing objects into seats, concourses, the baseball field, or other places.​ ​
  • Saving spots before staff create a line (We take no responsibility for lines formed independently by customers or that form naturally, or saving spots in line using signs or personal belongings.)
  • Entering areas that are not allowed to enter
  • Climbing up or hanging up tagouts, fences, railings, handrails, nets, etc.
  • Hanging balls or message cards into the field up fences or railings, etc, or behaviors to request for players' autographs.​ ​
  • Seeking profits from other visitors such money or valuable possessions in exchange of securing seats, cheering, watching games, etc
  • Selling things, distributing flyers, and conducting surveys without permission from event holders or Tokyo Dome.
  • Watching games in a seat that is not stated on your ticket, or moving to an empty reserved seat.​ ​
  • Watching games in evacuation places such as hallways, stairs, entrances, etc.
  • Making noises with no good reason inside or outside the stadium.
  • Securing seats excessively (more than needed) for you watching in standing areas or unreserved seats.​ ​
  • Using flashes, lights, or anything of those kinds that might disturb baseball games.
  • Supporting or cheering teams with items that are included or described in "Cheering Items" below.
  • Using paper tapes, confetti, or jet balloons (baseball-bat-shaped balloons)
  • Chasing a ball in a way that causes other spectators trouble, etc.​ ​
  • Supporting a team in a way that causes trouble for other spectators.​ ​
  • Any behaviors prescribed in "Contract concerting Watching Games", or the ones that are considered by Tokyo Dome to interfere with event progresses, management or operation of facilities or to disturb other spectators.​ ​

cheering tool

cheering curtain vertical within 600mm
beside within 600mm
flagpole:Usage prohibited
message board vertical within 600mm
beside within 600mm
flagpole:Usage prohibited
small flag vertical within 500mm
beside within 500mm
flagpole:within 650mm、limited to one
cheering megaphone and bat within 400mm
other cheering tool vertical within 700mm
beside within 500mm
  • Banners and noise makers are not allowed. (They can only be used in instances of private cheering as allowed by the Professional Baseball Organized Crime Exclusion Measures Conference in accordance with their special cheering permit regulations.)
  • Please use cheering paraphernalia that does not protrude from your seat.
  • Usage of items within the size limit above may still be prohibited if they cause disturbances to other customers.
  • Signs and message boards are to be held up by one per person. (Items that need to be held up by multiple people are considered banners, which are not allowed.)
  • Two grips can be added to make a sign easier to hold, but the grips cannot protrude from the sign itself.
  • Only small flags, signs, and message boards that support a team or player are allowed. (Designs that the organizer deems as inappropriate to use for cheering for baseball with are prohibited.)
  • Other cheering paraphernalia defined in the “Game Watching Contract” or cheering paraphernalia deemed by the organizer or Tokyo Dome to impede the event or facility operations are not allowed.

Foul Ball and Broken Bat Injuries

  • During professional baseball games and warm ups, a whistle is blown to alert fans when home run and foul balls are hit.
    Please keep an eye on the ball yourself as well.
  • Sometimes balls and merchandise are thrown into the stands as gifts to fans. Please be careful when this happens.
    It is extremely dangerous to chase after balls. Please stay in your seat when balls are thrown.
  • When a ball is hit, all or part of the broken bat may fly into the stand area.
  • If you are injured by a flying ball or broken bat, we will administer first aid. Please alert a staff member nearby.
  • The organizer and facility operator are not liable for any injuries incurred, unless the cause is attributable to the organizer or facility operator. Please keep an eye on any home run balls, foul balls, and gift balls thrown during warm ups and games to avoid being injured.

This page includes machine-translated texts. Please be aware that you might find some unusual expressions that are difficult to understand.