Have fun exploring Tokyo Dome on a guided tour.
Individuals are welcome, as well as groups going on school trips or other excursions.

Tours for the 2023 season have ended.
Tour tickets for the 2024 season are scheduled to go on sale in March. 

2023 Schedule
August 1、2、3、8、9、10、14、21、22、23、24、25、26
September 8、30
October 4
  • Individuals can sign up.
  • Group packages are also available for groups of 11 or more. See the contact information below to learn more about group packages.
  • If you cannot use stairs, please contact us in advance at the number below.
    Tokyo Dome City Information Center
    Hours: Every day from 10:00 - 17:00


  • Pitching Course

  • Standard Course

  • Backyard Course

  • VIP Area Course

  • Non-field Course

Take a swing at pitching from the same mound as the players or the bullpen near third base. (Only available from 8:15 - 9:00)

  • The exact location will depend on the condition of the field.


Seats behind home plate


the bullpen near third base

See the field and benches used by the players, as well as the new group seating options.

Seats behind home plate



Baseball Ground

See the backyard near third base, as well as the field and benches used by the players.

Seats behind home plate

Front-row seats near first base

Baseball Ground

the bullpen near third base

See areas not usually open to the public, with a special focus on the season ticket VIP rooms.

Premium lounge


Back Screen Club


See areas on all the floors, from the second floor seating and season ticket VIP rooms, to the new group seating options and the bullpen near third base.

  • This option does not include a tour of the field.

Sky Terrace

Premium lounge


the bullpen near third base

Open time
  • 1.8:15~9:00(Hours:8:00~8:15、Required time:45minutes)
  • 2.9:45~10:45(Hours:9:30~9:45、Required time:60minutes)
  • 3.10:30~11:30(Hours:10:15~10:30、Required time:60minutes)
  • From 8:15 - 9:00, only the pitching course is available.
  • Only on October 1st (Sunday), it will be held from 1.8:15 to 9:00, 2.9:15 to 10:15, and 3.9:45 to 10:45.
  • Pitching Course:Adults (high school students and older) 2,000yen、Children 1,500yen
  • Other courses:Adults (high school students and older) 2,500yen、Children 2,000yen
  • Free for children 5 years old and under
  • Pitching Course:Max participants 30
  • Other courses:Max participants 80
  • Signups will close when the participant cap is reached.
  • Course specifics each day will depend on the condition of the field.


Join a Tokyo Dome Tour and receive a commemorative zip card case.

  • This is an exclusive Tokyo Dome Tour item.
  • Strap colors are randomized and cannot be chosen.


Sales through the ticket vendor (TOKYO DOME CITY e-Ticket Store) will be available until 30 minutes before the start of the Tokyo Dome Tour for the day.

About same-day tickets

  • It will be sold only when there are remaining advance tickets.
  • It will be sold at the reception place on the day from the first reception start time of each day.

At Tokyo Dome City, a new electronic ticket service 「TOKYO DOME CITY e-Ticket Store」 has started.

Various electronic tickets such as Tokyo Dome City Attractions, Spa LaQua admission ticket, TOKYO DOME TOUR can be easily purchased in advance!

Just present the two-dimensional code sent to your smartphone for quick access.

Enjoy Tokyo Dome City easier than ever.

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For groups of 11 or more, please contact the group package hotline. The deadline for group applications is two weeks before the tour date.

Group Package Inquiries

TEL: 03-5684-4404

Tokyo Dome Corporation - Marketing Division

Hours:Weekday 9:30~17:30
Closed on weekends, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays (12/30-1/3)


Day-of ticket counters are located at the staff entrance for the pitching course, Gate 22 for the standard and backyard courses,
and Gate 31 for the VIP area course.


This page includes machine-translated texts. Please be aware that you might find some unusual expressions that are difficult to understand.