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Event Halls

What can I do here?

Not only Tokyo Dome. Various events are held in various halls such as the historic "Korakuen Hall", the sacred place of boxing/pro-wrestling/kickboxing, and the "TOKYO DOME CITY HALL" where the latest musicals and concerts are held.

Experiences only possible at Tokyo Dome City

How to purchase tickets to Tokyo Dome City facilities

Tickets to different events and facilities are available at different locations. You can see how to purchase tickets here.​ ​​ ​

How to enjoy watching a baseball game at Tokyo Dome

Learn how to purchase a today's ticket and how to support a team in Japanese style. You can also check food and merchandise available in Tokyo Dome.​ ​

Facility List

Korakuen Hall

Known as "sacred ground" of boxing / pro-wrestling / kickboxing, a multi-purpose hall hosts exciting fights throughout the year

Tokyo Dome City Hall (Event Hall)

A multi-functional hall with capacity of more than 3,000 people by standing.


Event and exhibition venue that can accommodate up to about 2,000 people.