Two new attractions open at Tokyo Dome City Attractions!

​ ​March 23th, 2019~

The Geopolis zone has two new attractions!!

Back Daaan

This indoor roller coaster moves forward on its first run and backward on its second. From complete darkness, enjoy the roller coaster as you experience eye-opening features from a light show to projection screens showcasing comical explosions of bombs. It is perfect even for the kids.

Ticket price: 820 yen / ride

Height restriction: 100 cm (3ft 3in) or taller

  • For children under 120 cm (3ft 11in), an adult companion is required.


This shooting-gallery attraction allows riders to wear 3D glasses and shoot targets with a ray gun. While sitting in seats that move, they can shoot at the impressive projected images. Have endless fun with different experiences in two different theaters and compete against those around you for the highest score!

Ticket price: 620 yen / ride

Height restriction: 90 cm (2ft 11in) or taller

  • For children of ages 0-6, an adult companion is required.

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General Information

Dates ​ ​March 23th, 2019~
Venue Tokyo Dome City Attractions(Access)

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