Stunning Cosmic Scenery A Cosmic Journey

March 7 (Thu) - June 23 (Sun), 2019

This is TeNQ Space Museum's first photo exhibition. Visitors can experience a part of space's 13.8 billion years of history starting with the Big Bang through impressive displays of about 40 astrophotography panels and large panoramic images of the sky, hugely displayed on the entire walls and floor. The beautifully high-resolution photos that synchronize with the world of TeNQ's video contents, "Theater Sora," are carefully selected from NASA's expansive image archive, as well as captured by Alma Telescope and Subaru Telescope at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Please enjoy your "journey of space (Sora)," which you can only experience at TeNQ, in a space surrounded by the beautiful scenery of space.

Admission Tickets

The exhibit is located in the Special Exhibition Room in the corner of the Imagination Area. Visitors are able to enjoy all areas inside TeNQ with any of the different types of tickets.

General Information

Term March 7 (Thu) - June 23 (Sun), 2019
Venue TeNQ Space Museum (Yellow Building 6F) (Access

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