The Eric Carle & Space Exhibit – Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of TeNQ & the 50th Anniversary of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

June 28, 2019 (Fri) - November 4 (Mon, Public Holiday)

During Summer 2019, a special exhibition will be held to celebrate both the 5th anniversary of TeNQ and the 50th anniversary of the book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"!
The acclaimed picture books of Eric Carle have been beloved across all generations and across borders as his work has gained popularity in the United States, Japan and beyond. At this exhibition that will be held at TeNQ, an inside look will be provided into Eric Carle and his depictions of the sky that have been beautifully illustrated throughout his work. Explore the secrets behind how his work comes to life and be introduced to the beauty of the stars and moon in his art. There will also be a collage space using work designed by Eric Carle, as well as book readings by popular voice actors. Come and immerse yourself in the world of these magnificent picture books.​ ​

Chapter 1
Eric Carle, the Wizard of Picture Books

This section introduces Eric Carle and his life.

Chapter 2
Recommended Artworks of Eric Carle as selected by TeNQ​ ​

Out of his many artworks, this section features a curated collection of pieces that depicts the beauty of the sky, filled with the stars and moon. Be moved by Eric Carle's depictions of the sky through his artworks that are filled with joy.

Chapter 3
Eric Carle and the Secrets of his Creations

This section introduces the process Eric Carle takes when creating his artwork. It explores the collage technique that his artwork is known for that creates such vivid pieces of art, and shares this through a collection of videos and panel boards.

Chapter 4
Stories of the Skies through Picture Books

What happens when the stars and moon in "Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me" or "Draw Me a Star" are replaced with real stars from space? This section offers a new way to enjoy the work of Eric Carle from an academic viewpoint as provided by TeNQ.

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me

Draw Me a Star

(Supervised by the​ ​National Astronomical Observatory of Japan,​ ​The Portal of Lunar Exploration)

Chapter 5
Word Collage Board

Mix and match magnets featuring letters designed by Eric Carle to create your favorite words! This section is the perfect spot to take photos with the unique backdrop created for this exhibition.

Chapter 6
Are you also Eric Carle? Create Virtual Collages like Eric Carle

Create a piece of art that is uniquely yours through using the colorful designs of Eric Carle to create a collage. This section gives you the opportunity to create art on tablets within the exhibition that will then be displayed on a large screen for others to view.



Chapter 7
Original Content – Reading under the Night Skies

Enjoy the classic Eric Carle picture book "Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me", read by famous voice actor Yuichi Nakamura and presented as a slide show. This section is the only place where you can experience the story being presented this way.


Yuichi Nakamura

☆ Outside the Exhibition ☆Original Goods sold at the TeNQ Space Store!

During the exhibition, visit the TeNQ Space Store where a variety of original goods will be available that have been designed in collaboration with Eric Carle and TeNQ.

Movies and books will also be displayed at the Observation Room inside the Imagination Area. Dive into the world of Eric Carle through his many wonderful works.

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Event Information

Dates June 28, 2019 (Fri) - November 4 (Mon, Public Holiday)
Time Weekdays​ ​
11:00am - 9:00pm
Weekends, Holidays, Specific Days
10:00am - 9:00pm
Admission is until 8:00pm
Admission Entry including admission to TeNQ
TeNQ Space Museum Admission Tickets

During the following event period, small children aged 3 and under may enter when accompanied by an adult.
The Eric Carle & Space Exhibit week
Dates:September21(Saturday)~28(Saturday),October12(Saturday)~18(Friday), October28(Monday)~November4(Monday・Holiday)
Fee: free for under 4 years old
Other ticket types (both day tickets and advanced tickets) are sold as usual.
Venue TeNQ Space Museum Temporary Exhibition (Yellow Bldg. 6F) (Access)
Notes Supervised by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, The Portal of Lunar Exploration

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