TeNQ Exhibition: The 10-Year Trajectory of Ultraman Zero

November 8(Fri.),2019 - March 1 (Sun.), 2020

A special exhibit to commemorate 10 years since the debut of Ultraman Zero, the hero fighting across space-time and the universe. We trace the 10-year trajectory of Ultraman Zero while comparing it with real space science.
Enjoy a window into space and the galactic setting of the Ultraman Series--especially Ultraman Zero, who wields the ability to move through the multiverse.
Also, gain a unique TeNQ perspective on Ultraman Zero and space, with a researcher's explanation about the multiverse and deeper thoughts about the universe.

Admission Tickets

The exhibit is located in the Special Exhibition Room in the corner of the Imagination Area. Visitors are able to enjoy all areas inside TeNQ with any of the different types of tickets.

Event Information

Dates November 8(Fri.),2019 - March 1 (Sun.), 2020
Venue TeNQ Space Museum (Yellow Building 6F) (Access)

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