7 things you can do at Tokyo Dome City

For the person who wants to experience various things, and create lots of good memories, now that they have finally come to Japan, we introduce the unique spots you can experience at Tokyo Dome City.

1. Sing karaoke while riding the Ferris wheel

The Big O Ferris wheel lets you fully appreciate the city center skyline from 80m above the ground. It's good for having a Tokyo sightseeing strategy session while viewing all the tourist attractions visible from the wheel, but the unique thing about this Ferris wheel is that you can sing karaoke while riding it. Just the thought of being able to belt out world famous songs in the sky is exciting, isn't it? Just what you'd expect of the country that created karaoke!
Also, guides about Tokyo Dome attractions in English, Chinese, and Korean are installed inside the gondolas, so they are perfect for deciding which spot to visit next.
There are only 8 gondolas available for karaoke.

2. Play bowling while drinking at the bar

You can play bowling while drinking in a relaxed bar atmosphere at the CuBar Lounge. A bowling alley that puts together a menu of draft beers, whiskeys and 37 kinds of cocktails is probably unheard of.
If you have come to Tokyo Dome City with fellow adults, whether it's friends who love to drink, or your boyfriend or girlfriend, the CuBar Lounge is thoroughly recommended.


3. Dash through Tokyo, going through the hole in the building on the rollercoaster

LaQua is a business space inside Tokyo Dome City. Why does it have a big hole in it? The truth is, the Thunder Dolphin rollercoaster goes through it! The Thunder Dolphin runs around freely, not only through LaQua but also the loop of the Ferris Wheel, and next to various other attractions. Only the Thunder Dolphin can dash between the skyscrapers of Tokyo at speeds of 130 km/h. Go ahead and try it out!

4. Learn about the history of baseball

The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, on the right of Tokyo Dome Gate 21, is decorated with a portrait relief of people in the Baseball Hall of Fame, officially recognized as distinguished contributors to the development of the baseball world. It also collects and displays large numbers of highly topical material from the history of baseball, both pro and amateur. Fun for all ages, from adults to children.

5. Watch a Japanese martial arts contest at the "hallowed ground" of boxing, pro wrestling and kickboxing

Referred to as a "hallowed ground" because of its frequent use for martial arts exhibitions, whether for boxing, pro wrestling or kickboxing, the Korakuen Hall is known as a frequent haunt for the discerning martial arts fan. Same day tickets are sometimes available for purchase, so be sure to check the event schedule, martial arts fans!

6. Enjoy a relaxing bath in the middle of Tokyo

In an easily accessible location in the middle of Tokyo, Spa LaQua is a spa establishment that utilizes natural spring water that rises up from 1,700m underground.
Flowing out from a depth of 1,700m under Tokyo Dome City, our natural hot spring has excellent moisturizing and heat-retaining effects. Its nicknames include the "slimming spring" and the "beauty spring". 
In the open-air bath, you can enjoy the carbonated spring which is beneficial for metabolism and skin in a Japanese cypress wooden bathtub. The indoor bath features the oxygen spring.
In addition to the open-air and large baths, there are various attraction baths and saunas.
After the hot spring, enjoy delicious, healthy dishes to your heart’s content. Everything from Kyoto cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine to light meals and coffee. You can enjoy delicious, healthy dishes or coffee depending on your mood or purpose.

7. Stay at the hotel looking over the Tokyo Dome

You can look out over the Tokyo Dome from your room at the 43 storey Tokyo Dome Hotel. From the wide windows installed in all rooms, you can gaze over the many faces of Tokyo, and be taken aback no matter when you look, whether in daylight, at sunset, or at night. Because the visible scenery differs depending on the floor or the direction of your room, make sure to check the website.


How about it?
Your unique experiences at Tokyo Dome City are sure to make for unforgettable memories!

This page includes machine-translated texts. Please be aware that you might find some unusual expressions that are difficult to understand.