Tokyo Dome City
How to purchase all tickets

Events such as baseball games and concerts are held at Tokyo Dome City, and there are numerous entertainment facilities. Because ticket selling locations vary depending on the event or facility, we now introduce all the ways to purchase tickets!

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Tokyo Dome City attractions are free to enter, 365 days of the year! Amusement park facilities are inside Tokyo Dome City. There's all kinds of exciting attractions that both kids and adults can enjoy! There are two ticket booths; one located in front of Tokyo Dome Gate 21 and another on the 1st floor of LaQua.

Open ~ close

  • It may be changed depending on circumstances such as events and congestion

Korakuen Hall

Tickets for events at Korakuen Hall, a hallowed ground for martial arts such as boxing and pro wrestling in Japan, can be purchased at the ticket counters on 1F and 5F of the Korakuen Hall building.

About advance tickets
All varieties of advance tickets are sold at the 5F Korakuen office in the Korakuen Hall Building.
Opening hours - 10:00 - 19:00 (until 17:00 on days with no nighttime shows)

About same day tickets
Same day tickets are sold at the same day ticket counter on the 1st floor of the Korakuen Hall Building.
Opening hours - 10:00 - (matinee sales), 16:00 - (nighttime show sales)


Gallery AaMo

Various exhibitions are held at Gallery Aamo. The ticket counter is in the plaza next to Gallery AaMo.

Opening hours: vary depending on the exhibition being held.


Theatre G-Rosso

Hero action shows are hugely popular in Japan with many fans, from children to adults. Come and experience our shows that have been beloved for many years. No tickets are available at Theater G-Rosso. 

Opening hours:varies depending on performance time.


Tokyo Dome City Hall (Event Hall)

Pop culture events are frequently held at the 2,500 person capacity Tokyo Dome City Hall. Tickets are sold at the yellow counter on the left side of the entrance hall. There are many popular events, but same day tickets are sometimes available, so it is worth checking out.

Opening hours: vary depending on the event being held.

You can enjoy all kinds of entertainment events at Tokyo Dome City's various facilities. Please check the ticket information, and be sure to have a fun time!

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