How to enjoy Food Court

Here is a guide to how to enjoy GO-FUN, the food court in Tokyo Dome City.

6 restaurants bundled together, the food court in Tokyo Dome City, "GO-FUN", is a place where you can order the food you'd like and bring it to your table yourself. It is also convenient for families with child chairs available.

How to use GO-FUN

  1. Secure a table.

  2. Choose a meal and pay at the restaurant.

  3. Return to the restaurant to get your meal when the food is ready and your buzzer rings. Some restaurants give you a buzzer.​ ​

  4. Return the plates and so on to the restaurant after you are done eating.

If you are a customer of one of the restaurants, you can serve yourself water for free at the food court.

Please cooperate

  • Do not bring food or drink in the place from outside.
  • Do not bring in pets with you.
  • Do not take photographs or film videos.


Food Court GO-FUN (Gofan)

Open hours 10:00~21:00

  • There're cases where open hours are extended.
  • You can use cards only at Bikkuri Donkey Pocket Kitchen.



Enjoy udon that tastes just like the authentic udon in self-service. The udon is Sanuki Udon, made of carefully-selected, Japan-produced wheat, and is just-made and fresh-out-of-boiling udon. It is made by noodle-making machines installed in a restaurant.​ ​

Hot Spoon

Handmade curry with profound taste, stewed for a long time.
You can eat handmade curry made out of beef tendon and vegetables stewed for a long time, in a hot clay pot.​ ​​ ​


You can have ramen made by Setagaya, led by Mr. Ramen Maejima Tukasa. The ramen is with no weak spots.


Plump and juicy Hamburg steaks.​ ​
The unchanging deliciousness since the restaurant's establishment in 1968. Surface savory, inside juicy, their Hamburg steaks are round and soft.


It is under the direct management of Mother Farm and fresh dairy products are available.​ ​


Area for kids

There are many other restaurants in Tokyo Dome City.

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