Tokyo Dome City has many ramen restaurants.​ ​

Here is a guide to restaurants where you can gobble up ramen. From greasy and rich soup or light and smooth soup to dipping noodles (you get soup and noodles separately and you dip noodles in soup when eating), you can enjoy many kinds of ramen.​ ​

Ramen-only restaurants


Building area colored yellow

The taste is so good that you don't ever get tired of it even if you eat it every day. The bowl is full of Chinese cabbage, and it is balanced with chewy straight noodles.​ ​


Attractions Area(Food court, GO-FUN)

You can eat ramen noodles of "Setagaya" headed by Mr. Ramen Maeshima Tsukasa. With everything being perfect in this ramen, it is one level higher.​ ​


LaQua Area

Soy sauce ramen with dashi joined by good-smelling soy sauce. Salt ramen has an extract from kombu seaweed added to Okinawa-produced salt Shimamasu.​ ​

④Tsukemen TETSU

LaQua Area

Chewy noodles are toe-to-toe with rich soup.​ ​

Unique ramen

⑤Korakuen Hanten

Korakuen Hall Building 2nd Floor

Hanten's signature dish, soba noodle soup with shark fin. 3,240 yen

  • There is an additional 10 percent surcharge on a listed price as a service fee.


How to eat ramen

Eat ramen with chopsticks and a Chinese soup spoon.​ ​

  1. Have chopsticks in your right hand, soup spoon in your left.

  2. Pick noodles with chopsticks and eat.​ ​

  3. When you drink soup, set the chopsticks down, have the spoon in your right hand, scoop and drink the soup.​ ​

You can eat however you want. You can use the steps above as a reference.​ ​

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Attractions Area(Food court, GO-FUN)

Enjoy udon that tastes just like the authentic udon in self-service. The udon is Sanuki Udon, made of carefully-selected, Japan-produced wheat, and is just-made and fresh-out-of-boiling udon. It is made by noodle-making machines installed in a restaurant.​ ​

There are many other restaurants in Tokyo Dome City.

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