How to enjoy Tokyo Dome City’s Haunted House

At the Tokyo Dome city, a new haunted house attraction, “ONRYOU ZASHIK” has opened.
"ONRYOU ZASHIK" is a haunted attraction set in a Japanese-style house.

1, Experience the haunted house of Tokyo Dome City!

Now I will present a step by step procedures to enjoy this haunted house!

2, Every haunted house follows a certain storyline.

The Tokyo Dome City Attractions haunted house contains a storyline that the visitors can follow and join in to make the most thrilling experience.​ ​
The setting of “ONRYOU ZASHIK”, is
​ ​a curse that has been set on the house, as a terrible tragedy happened to a married couple. Their grudge still remains and aims for you from beneath the floors. This storyline can be viewed in English and Chinese through the entrance monitor.

Now lets press the interphone and enter the house.​ ​

3, Let's have a look inside!

Let's take a peek of the inside.
There is this woman named Yoko. In "ONRYOU ZASHIK", you will be given a mission regarding this woman. Can you escape the room by clearing this mission?
From this point on, please experience it yourself!

4, Haunted house creator (Gomi Hirofumi, haunted house producer)

“ONRYOU ZASHIK” has been directed by Gomi Hirofumi, the most famous haunted house producer in Japan. He uses his unique style of placing a storyline on a haunted house that the visitors take part. His major works in Tokyo City Dorm are “Pregenant Women’s Ghost Haunted House”, “Looking for a boy Hiding for 10 years in the House” During the summer of 2018, he created 7 haunted houses across the whole Japan, ranging from Sapporo, Osaka, Kumamoto, and extra.

5, Things to enjoy after the haunted house experience.

There is a SNS synched, selfie camera that is installed by the exit of the haunted house. Photo is automatically taken and the processed photo is then uploaded to the official Facebook account of Tokyo Dome City Attraction, which could be downloaded and shared freely.
In Tokyo Dome City, there are many other thrilling attractions that childrens can enjoy other than haunted houses and roller-coasters like the “Thunder Dolphin”. Please enjoy all the different attractions!

About the haunted house "ONRYOU ZASHIK":

Ticket price: 1,050 yen / ride
Age: over 6 years old
Height: No limit

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