Very popular Hero Action Show in Japan!! Enjoy the exciting live action show with the state-of-the-art video system.

  • You can enjoy live action shows and see hero's who are very popular among children. We have prepared an action-packed performance that incorporates our updated visual systems that will allow both children and adults to have an enjoyable time.
    • Shows are only available in Japanese. No English subtitles are available.
  • After our show, children will have the opportunity to participate in a handshaking event as well as a photo session! Create lasting memories with our hero's.
    • Certain show days may not include handshaking events and photo sessions.
    • Participating in handshaking events and photo sessions require an additional fee.
  • At Theatre G-Rosso, each show series has English leaflets with details about the show’s story and characters.
    Ask Theatre G-Rosso's staff if you wish to use one.
    • Leaflets may not be available at certain times.
  • Shows are held on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
    • There are some dates when there aren't any shows available.
  • Regular fee for regular showing
    Adults: 1,900 yen (Junior high school students and above, tax included)
    Children: 1,750 yen (From age 3 to elementary school students, tax included)
    • If it is a special show, the price is not the same.​ ​
Admission Tickets
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