The largest indoor roller skating rink in Tokyo. You can enjoy skating regardless of weather and season.

  • Because it is an indoor rink, it is comfortable even when the weather is bad.
  • We stock shoes from 13 cm to 30 cm so that everyone from children to adults can have fun.​ ​
  • It is open until 22:00 on weekdays and Saturdays (it is open until 21:00 on Sundays and national holidays ). You can enjoy skating when it's too late for sightseeing and you want to stick around a bit more.​ ​
Sundays, Holidays
  • ​※If Saturday is a national holiday, the facility is open until 22:00.
  • ​※Open Hours may change depending on events and season.
  • ​※Open hours may change without notice due to special operation or events.
  • ​※The admission is until 45 minutes before the closing of the facility.
Yellow Bldg 4F (Tokyo Dome City Map)


Admission (2 hours)

Adults Students
※Present your student ID
Children (elementary school students or younger) Observation only (not skating)
Admission1,500 yen1,200 yen1,000 yen500 yen
Extension (by30 minutes)300 yen
  • ​※Entry fee is required even if not skating.
  • ​※Children in elementary school or younger must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.


Roller Skates / Inline Skates600円
Helmets / ProtectorsFree
  • ​※You can bring your own skates.
  • ​※Please wear socks beneath rental shoes at all times.​ ​
  • ​※Rental skates for small children are also available. (You need sneakers/exercise shoes when using them.)

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