COVID-19 Preventive Measures at Tokyo Dome City Facilities

There are a variety of stores and facilities at Tokyo Dome City, and in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff, all stores and facilities are enforcing COVID-19 preventive measures according to their industry guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.​ ​Each store and facility may have different preventive measures,so please refer to the homepage of the respective store or facility for details.

Tokyo Dome City Initiatives

〇Measures taken at each facility

Surfaces that are frequently touched by guests and staff (e.g. elevator buttons, stair handrails, escalator rails, doorknobs, etc.) are periodically disinfected, including before opening.

Occupancy limits are currently in effect at smoking spaces.​ ​

  • Some smoking areas are closed depending on the event / venue.

Regarding indoor areas, ventilation systems are being used to provide ample ventilation.

The amount of customer seating has been reduced in some indoor/outdoor areas. 

Plastic sheets and plexiglass have been set up at entrance booths, cash registers, sales desks, information desks, and the service counter.

〇Measures taken by staff

All staff will wear masks or face shields when serving customers.

Staff check their temperatures before and during work, and they are not allowed to work if they are not feeling well.

Staff will conduct handwashing, gargling, and will disinfect their hands frequently.

Request to customers

  • All visitors besides preschoolers are required to wear masks. This does not apply when you are outdoors and are not talking or if you can put at least 2 meters between you and other visitors.
  • Wear a mask when waiting in line or lining up to enter the facility.
  • Please refrain from sharing tables with other groups.
  • The smoking areas have signs showing the maximum capacity. Please observe this capacity and refrain from talking or facing others while smoking in the smoking area.

【Visitors to whom any of the following apply will be denied entry】

  • Those with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher (including during temperature checks at the facility)
  • Those who haven’t felt well within the past 48 hours (two days) or on the day of the visit due to a fever, sore throat, respiratory issues, fatigue, headache, digestive issues, a runny nose, or a loss of taste or smell.
  • Those whose movements are being restricted because of testing positive on a PCR test or other similar test.
  • Those whose movements are being restricted because of being in close contact with an infected person.
  • Those whose movements are being restricted because of returning to or entering Japan from a designated country or region.

This page includes machine-translated texts. Please be aware that you might find some unusual expressions that are difficult to understand.