One of the largest bouldering walls in Tokyo about 40m wide and about 4m tall. There are training boards including moon board with LED lights.

  • Even beginners can enjoy popular bouldering in a relaxing atmosphere. Refresh both mind and body through exercising.
  • One of the biggest walls in Tokyo with a width of 40m and a height of 4m. There are canvas boards for advanced users and moon board with LED lights.
  • Rental shoes are available (additional fee applies) so you can try bouldering if you wear clothes easy to move.


Every Day 10:00~22:00
  • スポドリ!は、時間を短縮して営業しています。
  • Hours may change depending on events and seasons.

Price (tax included)

Registration fee 800 yen (only for the first time)
1 day Night-Time Discount (after 8pm) Coupon book (11 tickets)
Adults 1,700 yen 1,500 yen 17,000 yen
University / vocational school students 1,500 yen 1,300 yen 15,000 yen
Elementary/Junior High/High School Students and over 60 years old 900 yen 800 yen 9,000 yen
  • No time limit (re-entry not permitted)
  • Registration fee is required at the first visit.
  • Rental shoes are free at the first time registration.
  • Parents' consent is required for elementary, junior high and high school students.
  • Elementary and junior high school students need to be accompanied by persons over 18 years old (not including high school students). (Up to 5 elementary and junior high school students can accompany one guardian.)
  • Children under 6 years old (babies and pre-schoolers) are not permitted.​ ​
  • Admission may be restricted In case the facility is crowded.
  • Coupon tickets can be used only by the person who purchased them.
  • Coupon ticket expires in 6 months after purchase.

Other fees

Rental shoes 350 yen (free for the first visit)
Liquid chalk 250 yen
  • Powder chalk is not allowed in the facility.​ ​

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