Weekdays, Saturdays
10:0022:00(Admission is until 21:15)
Sundays, Holidays
9:0021:00(Admission is until 20:30)
Yellow Bldg 5F (Tokyo Dome City Map)


General fees

1 Table/ 30 Minutes1,200 Yen (Max. 5 people per ping-pong table allowed)

Experiences only possible at Tokyo Dome City

Have fun even in the rain! Tokyo Dome City

You came all the way on vacation, but it's raining... When your plans are all washed up, Tokyo Dome City has plenty of places you can enjoy even while it's wet out.

7 things you can do at Tokyo Dome City

Unique spots that you can only enjoy at Tokyo Dome City.

Tokyo Dome City: You can enjoy walking with a camera

We introduce various scenes special to Tokyo Dome City that you can enjoy even just by viewing from outside - not only the famous Tokyo Dome but also other interesting places.

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