TeNQ Space Museum, is an entertainment museum consisting of nine areas that offer fun ways to enjoy outer space from variety of perspectives.

  • It is a space where you can enjoy the universe from various perspectives. Experience a 20 m x 4.5 m projection mapped video display and an 11-meter diameter theater with 4K to bring outer space up close.​ ​
  • Thanks to industry-academia collaboration with the University of Tokyo's University Museum, "Science area" offers a way to see science research and scientific processes in action.​ ​
  • Most exhibits are explained in Japanese as well as in English so visitors from overseas can enjoy the exhibit contents fully.
Yellow Building 6F (Tokyo Dome City Map
Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, Specified Dates
  • 最終入館は20:00まで
  • Open year round (with some closures for equipment maintenance and special events). Specified Dates are spring/summer/winter school holidays etc.
  • Due to the large-screen video and visual effects, including sound, blackouts, and flashing images, we do not allow children under 4 years old into the Museum (except on "Family Day").​ ​
  • Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by someone of junior high school age (12 years old) or older.

Family Day

Next Family Day: Sunday, February 25, 2018 and Wednesday (holiday), March 21, 2018.

On specified "Family Day", children under 4 years old can enter the museum with their family. (Children under 4 years old are not allowed into the museum except on "Family Day".)

  • Overview

    Fee: 500 yen/person under 4 years old (Only the ticket for the day is available.)

    • Other ticket types (both the day tickets and advanced tickets) are sold as usual.
  • Notes etc.
    • Please note in advance that the environment is different from the usual viewing environment on Family Day.​ ​
    • Strollers can be brought in and used on Family Day. Small children who can not walk by themselves can stay in strollers. Please note that rental strollers are not available at the museum and the museum cannot keep the strollers for visitors.​ ​
    • Carrying small children without support of baby carriers or slings are not allowed in Theater Sora for safety reasons. Children who can not walk by themselves need to stay in the strollers to enjoy the theater.​ ​
    • Nursing room is located outside of the museum. Please speak to a nearest staff if you need to use it.

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